Why Outsourcing Your Education is a Bad Idea

You’ve probably found yourself in a bind when you try to juggle a lot of plates at once. It’s not easy to balance work, life and that online class you signed up for, thinking “https://www.blogneews.com/education/comprehensive-academic-support-for-a-range-of-subjects” What are the famous last words? You suddenly find yourself looking at your dog to see if he has hidden talents in computer science. Then you find out that you can pay someone to do the online courses for you. Tempting? Absolutely. What do you think? Let’s ponder that for a little while.

Let’s first get real and see why “Pay someone else to do my homework sounds so appealing.” It’s a bit like Tetris. Sometimes, everything is just right and at other times, you’re only one block away. It’s never easy to fit an online course in your busy schedule.

The truth is that education should be more than just checking boxes and accumulating diplomas. Imagine passing every test, without ever learning a single thing. Imagine being given the keys of a car, without any knowledge on how to drive it. You might be able to park it in your driveway with a cool look, but it won’t help you get anywhere.

Cheating is as old and as widespread as the school system itself. It doesn’t mean that something is right just because it’s older than grandma‚Äôs fruitcake. Somewhere, integrity is lost every time someone chooses the easy way and hires a stand-in academic.

Another thought: these online platforms have no room for fools. The authorities are cracking down on plagiarism faster than they can say it.

It’s not all bad news. Technology is also what allows old dogs and young puppies to learn new skills all over the world. Finding balance is key – we should use technology as a tool, rather than let it tempt us to take shortcuts.

So, what’s the bottom line? Simple: Education is not just about jumping hoops. It involves growing intellectually, professionally and personally. You might be able to get through this hoop quicker if you pay someone, but what is the cost? You will miss out on the journey and, sometimes, that journey includes snacks!

You have a choice to make. We can choose to face our problems head-on, or we can look for an exit sign. It might be tempting to take shortcuts, but is it worth learning something new? It’s here that the magic happens.

The next time you consider outsourcing your mental power, ask yourself this question: What would my pet do? It’s likely he would take on the challenge by himself, after a short nap. If the goal is to pass with little effort, then good luck trying that tightrope act above Niagara Falls. It doesn’t make the journey more enjoyable or fulfilling.

It’s faster than you can say, “Do Not Disturb.” You are right in the middle of memories that are just waiting to happen.

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