What you should know before starting an architectural project

This guide will teach how to design a home.

Start early to ensure the best outcome get the facts. Consider your needs and your goals before you speak with an Architect. It will give a good framework for your project discussion. Hunter Architects & Planners worked with similar clients who might not have had the ability to formulate specific needs.

Please review our 10 most important things to consider when planning a meeting.

Cheshire East West architectural project

What is a wishlist or a brief?

To begin, consider the major spaces, finishes, and materials that will be used in your architecture project. Want to extend your house, improve the exterior appearance of it or create a better connection between your family room and the backyard? How important is each of these to you. An overall brief for the architecture project is created during our initial meeting.

Work scope

Consideration should be given to the use and performance of the home. How sustainable and energy-efficient should your home? What are your favorite styles or materials?


How much will you spend? How many contingencies have you planned for? What is the source of funding and any conditions attached (remortgaging or other)? What would happen if a budget exceeded? Budget: is it reasonable? If the project is to be completed in stages, can it be done?

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It is important to understand project deadlines in order to design a successful architectural plan.

i. Be sure to include any significant life events like a recent school exam or the birth of your child. ).

ii. It is also important to consider the date of commencement or completion.

iii. You may wish to determine if your project will have any financial consequences (e.g. mortgages).

iv. If you fail to meet these deadlines, what will be the result?

Why do you think this project is important?

Analysing and determining why the architect project was necessary can be an effective exercise. In some cases the best solution may not be to create a bedroom, but rather to create a large space for the furniture that is needed or to reduce the noise between rooms. Imagine what you’ll need in the next few years.

What problems will the project solve?

The same as determining which problems you must solve, it’s possible to decide what project is needed. Is it very dark or very cold inside your house? The house looks too cluttered for the Christmas meal with family.

What parts of the house is not working properly?

Knowing which features are important to you is very useful, whether you just bought your house or you’ve lived there for some time. It will help you write the perfect brief. Consider the dimensions of the rooms or how they flow through the house. Also, consider dark and cold spots or the general flow.

RIBA Chartered Architects Cheshire East & West

Imagine the house of your dreams.

You might think your ideal home would be warm, light and cheery with lots of children. It could also be cozy and relaxing with good reading material, a glass of something, and some music.

Notate any specific details about the home.

Do you possess copies of existing drawings? Planning permissions. Land registry. Restrictions? Is this home located in a Conservation Area (or Flood Risk Area?)

Keep track of what you find interesting

For a scrapbook of your own, you can choose similar images. It could be a certain detail, a finish or material, an ambiance, feeling or soft aspects. We can also use abstract pictures that help us to better understand you and your needs. This is a good time to mention things you dislike.

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