What Elder Scrolls Online Classes are Right for Me?

Elder Scrolls: Online classes play a similar role to other MMOs. Keeping with Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls on-line classes behave slightly differently to most MMOs. Every Elder Scrolls class in Elder Scrolls: Online has their own exclusive skill lines. The choice of which class to play can make a big difference on how your character develops. You can choose to open up some of the skills lines, like those that are for weapons and armor, to other classes. It means that players who decide to focus their skills on their classes will develop characters that are based and centered around them. Others may prefer to spread their skills more evenly. In this case, their character is going to be a combination of class, as well as the skills they choose. One player could even decide to place most of his points in other skills while investing only a tiny amount into class. This would allow the player to add a touch of character flavor, without making it the defining characteristic as they do in MMOs. More about the author!

Elder Scrolls Classes

ESO contains four classes. Wanderers had also been mentioned but did not end up in the official release.

Templar – In many ways, the Templars are similar to the class known as “paladin”. Templars represent light and warmth and can have multiple skill lines to combine into a powerful character.

Dragon Knight The Dragon Knight, a fighter class. However, the ability lines offer a wide range of options for what sort of fights you can do. Dragon Knights has the ability to cater for standard damage-dealing, ranged assaults, or tanking.

Sorcerer- The ESO Mage class, Sorcerer. Magic is used by Sorcerers to create, control, summon, and use powerful storm-based minions. As a Sorcerer, you can build your character with the staff as a main weapon. You are free to choose any weapon and specialize in it. You can build a Sorcerer to deal damage by using a staff, control the forces or use minions.

Nightblade- The Nightblade is a assassin. They will use tricks and stealthy attacks to slay weak enemies. According to the player’s skill choice, they may be strong in combat, an ambush expert, or absorb large amounts of damage while healing themselves.

Your character’s future can be determined by the class you choose in Elder Scrolls. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of the various classes as well the best methods to improve their skill sets can help you get what you are looking for.

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