What are the most common mistakes with Perfume?

The smell of perfume can be one of life’s greatest joys. Nothing else compares. It’s true that as humans, we have all made mistakes when it comes to using perfume.

Keep these mistakes in mind when shopping at a Fragrance Shop.

1. Overuse of a favorite perfume

After wearing the same fragrance all day long, it becomes boring. After a couple of weeks, you’ll find that your perfume is no longer as appealing.

2. Storing fragrances in sunlight

The light in the room can cause many perfumes to degrade quickly. If your favorite fragrances are left on the dressing table, near a large window, you may find that they become ineffective very fast. It is best to store your perfumes in cool, dim places.

3. The wrists are rubbed together

Even though it’s common practice for some people to spray perfume on their wrist before rubbing on their other hand, doing this daily with one fragrance can cause the top volatile notes of that perfume to evaporate faster, resulting in an imbalanced smell. Spraying your fragrance on both wrists at once will certainly not extend its life.

4. Mixing fragrances

Even though layering different fragrances together can produce amazing results, there are many fragrances you could combine that will work against each other. Since even products like your moisturizer and shampoo will likely contain fragrances it can be difficult to find the right balance. Watch out for fragrances that don’t overpower your primary perfume or are only a subtle variation.

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