This is a journey through the wild west of digital finance.

Oh, digital finance’s wild west! Let’s ride on the terrain where largest crypto companies globally cowboys are the biggest in town. You may have heard their names spoken in low tones at saloons and seen their logos flash as brightly as a sheriff’s badge on your computer screen. They’re not just any companies, but the behemoths who keep the coins clinking on our screens.

First up, we’ve got Coinbase. Imagine that it’s 2012. Two guys decide to make buying Bitcoin as easy as ordering online pizza. Then, fast-forward to today. Coinbase works like a pizza restaurant for cryptocurrency but without any risk of soggy crust. They made it easy for people to dip their feet into crypto waters, without having to worry about a shark bite.

Binance sounds like an expensive French dessert, but it’s actually a crypto-exchange that has gone from zero in the industry to a hero as fast as you can say “blockchain.” Binance, launched by CZ in 2017, became the place for traders to swap coins in the same way they would do in a schoolyard.

It’s impossible to talk about crypto without acknowledging Bitmain. Imagine if Bitcoin was the gold, and you had to use super-powerful shovels in order to find it. Bitmain manufactures these shovels. They were founded by Jihan Wu & Micree Zhang. These guys have figured out the best way to mine Bitcoin with machines so efficient, you’ll feel like you hit pay dirt every time.

Ripple Labs, Inc. has decided to play nice with banks. Ripple’s goal is to make it as simple as sending an e-mail to send money across borders. With a zip, your cash will be on its way faster than the speed of a homing piggy on espresso. The XRP token has been involved in some legal battles over its compliance with the rules.

Kraken is the last but certainly not least. Not the sea monster but the exchange that has dominated the crypto-markets with gusto ever since 2011. Jesse Powell was watching what happened to other exchanges (looking at Mt.Gox), and he said, “Not under my watch.” Kraken has become Fort Knox of digital assets.

Here you go – a motley team of pioneers ensuring we can buy digital doubloons, without being swindled and lost at sea by regulatory storms. Each one has a unique story of triumphs or trials. This proves that human stories, even in a world built on zeros and ones, are what we find most compelling.

Don’t forget, navigating the waters of this digital frontier requires more than knowing where X is on a treasure chart. It also takes guts, savviness, and perhaps even a parrot sitting on your shoulders, whispering (or squawking) nonsense. In either case, you should keep your wits at the ready, as in this digital frontier fortunes are made (or lost) faster than one can say “crypto.”

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