This DIY stain and spot vanishing act is a battle of the blots

You’ve probably seen it: A red wine glass teetering on the edge, before falling to the floor. It could be a smear of sauce on the table. Carpet Cleaning North Shore may be the best option for you, but we all have moments where we’d like to try our hand at DIY. Get ready to wear your cleaning cape. Now let’s explore the wealth of natural remedies to tackle these pesky stains. More bonuses?

1. Club Soda is the unsung hero

Poured beer or wine? You can use club soda to make up for the lost wine and beer.

Technique: Blot with club soda using a soft cloth. If the club soda doesn’t seem to work, try mixing it with a little white vinegar. Then spray on the affected skin. Let the solution sit for at least 15 minutes before rubbing it away.

2. You can use it for more than just plates!

The dishwashing detergent, our best friend in the kitchen, can help remove grease.

Technique: Dishwashing liquid and warm water can be mixed together. You can spray or dab the stain. Remove the grease by blotting.

3. Fluffy Savior: Shaving Creme

If you have general stains to remove, shaving cream will work wonders.

Technique: Apply the shaving lotion directly on to the stain. Allow it to set for approximately 30 minutes. With a white cloth blot the stains away.

4. Freeze Gum

Have you accidentally brought some gum into your home? Do not panic!

Technique: Go to the refrigerator and get a couple of cubes of ice. It is best to freeze the gum for around 30 seconds. When it is solidified, use a large spoon to lift.

5. Do a Deep Cleaning with Vinegar & Baking Soda

The kitchen staples below will help you achieve a thorough, deep clean.

Technique: Spread baking soda evenly over your carpet. Allow it to rest for a couple of hours. Next, spray equal parts of water and white vinegar. As soon as it has stopped bubbling up, you can wipe the residue away.

6. Iron Out Wax

The sight of dripping candle wax is a frightening experience.

Technique: Put a cloth on the wax. By pressing a warm iron onto the cloth the wax will melt and stick to it. With ease, lift away.

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