The Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Guide: Tips and tricks for a fresh home

We’ve all experienced it: a messy accident, muddy footsteps, or even just regular wear that can leave our carpets looking less-than-fresh find out more. If you’re local or you’ve heard of the famous Carpet Cleaning St ives method then you probably already understand the importance of a good deep clean. But if not, don’t worry! We are here to help you with the best carpet cleaning techniques and tips.

1. Vacuum Regularly, and Do it The Right Way
Vacuuming is the first step to wet cleaning. It will remove the top layer dirt and debris which could be embedded deeper in the carpet when mixed with a liquid cleaning solution. Be sure to empty the vacuum bag or bin frequently and to move in several directions.

2. Deal with Stains Right Away:
To remove stains, you must act quickly. Blot not rub with a paper or cloth. Rubbing can make the stain more visible. Use a carpet stain removal product, according to the product’s directions, after you’ve blotted up as much as you can.

3. You can make your own solutions:
You don’t need to buy commercial cleaners all the time. Water and white vinegar mixed in equal parts can be used to remove many stains from carpets. Try adding baking soda to your mix for harder stains. Never apply any solution directly to a stain without testing it first on an inconspicuous, small area.

4. Deep Cleaning – Steam Cleaner or Shampoo?
Occasionally, your carpet requires a thorough cleaning. Steam cleaning and shampooing are both effective methods. Steam cleaning, due to its heat, can kill dust mites and bacteria. While shampooing uses chemicals to give a thorough clean. If you’re not sure, professional cleaning services like those in St Ives are available to give advice on the best carpet type for your carpet.

5. How to Dry Carpets:
Wet carpets can harbor mould and bacteria. After you have used any wet cleansing method, be sure to let the carpet completely dry. You can speed up drying by opening windows, turning on fans or using a humidifier.

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