The Electrical Contractor is Brilliant!

Brilliant Electric Heating and Cooling, the most reputable electrical contractor of San Antonio land area is called Brilliant Electric Heating and Cooling. What makes it the best electrical contractor in Chicago? We’re going to tell you why.

An electrical contractor is much more than just an electrician. Electrical contractors are businesses that perform construction tasks for electrical system design, installation and maintenance. The designs have to be reviewed by engineers, work has to be completed according to federal and local codes and finally the project is subjected for inspection before acceptance.

Brilliant employs electricians to perform actual construction and has engineers who design systems.

Electricians perform three main functions.

Line contractors build high-voltage and transmissiondistribution lines. These contractors will erect towers and run the cables to carry power from the generators to substations.

Inside electrical contractors are responsible for bringing power into a building and then dispersing it within the building. They are responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems and cables. These contractors work in all types of buildings, including commercial and residential.

Contractors who specialize in “Integrated Building Systems” work with low voltage systems.

Brilliant Electric Heating and Air Conditioning does not build or string high-voltage cables. Major construction firms do this. From conception to completion, we perform all “inside” and “integrated tasks”. Brilliant, as the local electrical contractor is fully integrated and can provide the results that are expected of the best contractor.

Chicago and its collars are areas that we know well. Our working agreements with local municipalities include plan evaluations and inspections of building codes.

What we can offer you

Install electrical cabinets (breaker boxes or panels) To receive service from the main distribution point, you need a functional electrical panel.

We can design and install any type of lighting, whether outdoor, indoors, for commercial buildings, security, or other purposes. As needed, we can also take on smaller lighting projects.

Install power additions to garages and new wings. Brilliant is an authorized Lutron dealer. Lutron invented solid-state dimmers back in 1959. They now offer over 15,000 different products including lighting controls and home automation systems.

Installation of home automation allowing control of lighting from a smartphone or remote controller. As of the time this article was written, remote controllers include tablet computers.

Find, design and install the smoke and CO detectors that are necessary to ensure safety at home and in business. Underwriters Laboratory requires that these detectors be changed every 10 years.

Install ceiling fans and attic fan to help control the temperature in the building. The fans do not heat or cool, they simply move air to provide relief for those in the building.

Locate HVAC equipment such as furnaces and air conditioners. Also, locate boilers and water heaters.

Install and maintain a system to monitor air quality.

Find, install and maintain the thermostat control system.

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