The Double-Purpose Eyelid Surgical Procedure

There are many cosmetic procedures that people know about, including breast implants and facelifts. But there are also some less-known ones. You can achieve dramatic effects with eyelid surgery, especially if there are wrinkles or excess skin and fat on your upper and lower lids. It is not always the patient’s choice to undergo this procedure. Some patients may need it to improve their vision because of drooping lids – read here.

Eyelid surgery is also called “blepharosplasty” by the medical community. In the early 1800s, this term was used to describe an operation developed to correct cancer-related deformities. When returning war-wounded veterans began to use this procedure, it became more popular. It was only in recent years that eyelid surgery became an elective. It is typically performed with other cosmetic procedures, such as face and browlifts.

It is convenient to combine these two operations for patients who are elective surgeons, as recovering from the stress of two surgeries can be difficult. These surgeries combined can produce dramatic results. Most patients seeking a browlift or facelift want to look more youthful. While plastic surgery may be able to help correct droopy lids, this isn’t the only solution. There is no need for surgery to correct puffy or wrinkled eyelids.

It is possible to improve the appearance of your eyelids with either laser surgery or injections. But these are not as lasting as surgery. Patients who don’t want to go through other procedures for lifting their arms may prefer this procedure. Most patients do not like the time or discomfort of surgery. Medically, Ptosis refers to droopy eyelids. It can either be caused by nerve damage or lack of muscle tonus. Often, this condition can lead to impaired vision. Many patients seek reconstructive surgery to fix their poor vision. The upper eyelids can only be reconstructed through reconstructive surgery. The lower eyelids are almost always treated cosmetically.

Many options are available to make your face look younger. The eyelid procedure can be used for reconstructive or cosmetic reasons. This surgery will produce the best results when combined with other procedures.

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