Steam Carpet Cleaning – A Popular And Deep Cleaning Technique For Your Carpets

Steam carpet cleaners are one of most popular methods to deep clean carpets learn more. The method is sometimes called hot water extraction. This method is very popular due to its ability to remove deep-seated stains. Steam carpet cleaning is a method that uses machines to spray heated water and then sucking it back up. This removes dirt and excess moisture from the carpet. It is possible to remove dirt from carpets by using this method. For better results, sometimes cleaning chemicals are added to the carpeting process. However, the choice of chemical should be made with the type of fiber in mind.

Steam carpet cleaning will bring back the life of your dirty and dull carpets. It can be used not only for carpets, but for upholstery, furniture or even clothes. With steam cleaning, you can remove all stains, allergens as well as other dirt and grime from your carpets.

For the best steam carpet cleaner results, hire a well-respected and experienced carpet cleaning firm. The best cleaning companies will use the most advanced equipment, which will give you the best possible results. The cleaning technicians use equipment of industrial strength to deep-clean your carpets and remove all the germs and debris from the fibers. This steam cleaning professional equipment has a cleaning standard that cannot be matched by any other equipment. They can range from portable machines for homeowners to truck-mounted ones used by professionals. In terms of efficiency, the truck-mounted equipment is superior in both cleaning time and effectiveness. The suction power is also a great help in drying the carpets.

See the complete steam carpet cleaning method.


Steam carpet cleaning starts with preconditioning. It helps remove stubborn dirt, stains and other contaminants. The preconditioning chemical must be chosen based on the type of carpet. As an example, alkaline solution for synthetic fibre carpets is recommended. Woolen fibers can also be treated with a mildly acidic solution, such as diluted acid acetic. Preconditioning agents can be applied to the carpet with a scrubbing device. Then, using a hot-water extraction tool, you will rinse the preconditioner out along with any embedded dirt.

Extraction and Drying

Steam carpet cleaners use a great deal of water. They will leave your carpets wet no matter the strength of your suction! To prevent mold and to remove brownish stains on your woolen carpets, you will need to perform a final drying procedure. The two processes of extraction and dry are done simultaneously and can be accomplished with good equipment and lots of experience. A good carpet cleaner is recommended.

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