Send flowers to Thailand – Sending Flowers to Family and Friends

sending flowers to relatives and friends requires no reason to do it. Actually, it can be made even during the most ordinary days. However, Thailand seems to be one of the countries with unique occasions to be thankful and sending flowers also. The month of August gives a few reasons for Thais to busy themselves exploring retail florists and the websites of online florists for reservations of flowers and deliver them, click here!

It is Chinese Valentine’s Day is one of them. It occurs on the 6th of August 2011. It’s an annual holiday that occurs on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Many Thais have Chinese descent making this event significant to the Thai society. The celebration is designed for lovers and is a unique occasion apart from the global celebrity ration for Valentineis Day every February 14th. It’s a busy day for many Thais. Chinese Valentineis Day is a busy day for many Thais in particular for guys who try to impress their women during special occasions like this. They are very busy making their orders for flower deliveries a few weeks before the day.

When there’s a time dedicated to send gifts to love ones, there will be a time which allows you to send flowers to family members. Much like many nations, Thailand has adapted the 1st Sunday in August to be its Friendship Day. In 2011, the day of celebration takes place on August 7. It is fun to see the members of your group who receive the most flowers on that very special day. During this day, your friends are free to swap flowers, but without romantic or passionate connotations. Flowers should be gifted or delivered during this time in order to thank your family and friends that are on your side whether you are up or down in your journey.

Mother’s Day is observed in Thailand every year on the 12th day of August. Every year, it falls on the 12th of August which is the day following the birth of the Queen. It is this occasion which attracts the most flower deliveries via retail and online florists. It is a clear indication that Thais are so devoted to their mothers. admiration for their mothers and to Queen Sirikit who is considered as the Mother of the Country.

August is such a very important month for the Thai society because it is during this month when they can all express their love to their boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives/, friends, mothers, and most especially to their Queen. In this month, bouquets of flowers with all sorts of colors and styles will be sent out to Thailand. Only florists are able to assist you in becoming a part of this important celeb dinner.

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