Secure Self-Storage: A Must Have!

This list contains some of the features you should look out for when selecting a unit. It is important to consider the services and amenities provided, as well as the cost, location and size of the unit. Security, however, is something that’s often forgotten. Thefts, breaks-ins and lost belongings can be the result. You will pay more to rent a building that is not adequately secured, extra resources.

You should always consider security when buying a storage unit.

Make sure that you have a clearly marked boundary around the unit. You should make sure that it is completely enclosed. A metal fence is an option, or you can opt for a brick wall. Metal fencing is less safe and protective than brick walls. A fence that is high enough will prevent criminals from jumping. The security guards who work 24/7 must correctly number entrances and/or gate.

It must also have fire alarms and burglary alarms. Lighting must be adequate in the self-storage facility. Install motion detectors in dark areas. The security system must have a backup memory. Both for review and monitoring, the security system must be accessible.

Self-storage units should all be equipped with a locking mechanism. The operator will maintain a list to ensure security. The operator should restrict access to self storage units only to registered members.

Even with high-quality locks and other safety features, natural disasters can still occur. A policy covering your items is the most prudent thing to do right now. Although it might cost more, you can protect your possessions. It is not true that every self-storage provider will have the same amenities. You should ask the service provider for details about their services.

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