Private Investigator Service To Help with Personal Injury Claims

Accidents at work, road traffic accidents, injuries at home, and faulty products are all common causes of personal injury claims. A personal injury claim could be made if you were injured as a result of an accident. Your personal injury claim will be successful if you can prove someone else was at fault for the injury. A Private Investigator can take care of gathering evidence and reduce the stress of your injury claim.

A private investigator will collect data on the accident including the time and location. He will also gather witness statements, photographs, and other information. Accidents at Work An investigator will investigate the accident to determine if it was caused by unreported health hazards, defective equipment, lack training, and if you employer failed to implement adequate safety measures. Injuries caused by sports, exposure to latex or asbestos, and many other incidents, can also lead to personal injury claims.

A case study that shows what our award winning private investigator was able do for a former client involved in an accident that occurred at night at a crossing for pedestrians. On investigation, our investigator noticed that the beacon light at the pedestrian crosswalk was not functioning. This meant there were no lights for a short time during the flashing sequence of lights.

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