Plastic Surgery, For Your Personal Journey Live

Plastic surgery? What’s next? Like your friend who’s always changing their hair color. Here’s the scoop: plastic surgery is not just about changing your body’s parts, like you would change car tires. This is a whole journey. This is a rollercoaster journey of emotions and decisions read more here.

Let’s discuss first the two main types. There is cosmetic surgery, such as nose jobs, stomach tightenings, etc. Your appearance should reflect your inner feelings. Reconstructive surgical options are also available. Reconstructive surgical procedures are performed to correct what life has handed you, be it a disease or accident. The two paths have something in common: They both involve a change.

Making the decision to undergo laser surgery or not is a huge one. It’s personal. Some people finally want to meet the person they’ve always known was in the reflection. Other people seek to heal their traumas.

You want someone that understands you well, who is a good communicator, and can perform amazing feats in the operating theater. The person you choose should have a blend of artistic, scientific and wizard skills, since they’ll be working with your face or other body part.

Plastic surgery today is not like the facelift of your grandmother. Lasers can remove damage from the skin that has accumulated over years without cutting. What’s different between Botox or Fillers? The procedures are now offered at lunchtime. What about 3D printing? Not only is it used for cool keychains, but surgeons plan their surgeries with such precision that NASA would be envious.

In an Instagram world, where everyone appears to have just stepped into a magazine in the morning of a monday at 6AM. Surgeons must balance the realities of life with their dreams. They have to remind us that although they may be able perform miracles, they still cannot transform us into unicorns.

Remember that every rose has its own thorn. Even the best surgeons and devices can cause complications. Recovery can be difficult. Sometimes the adjustment is more difficult than anticipated. Sometimes unexpected feelings occur.

If someone can walk through this storm feeling more themselves, is it because they have overcome these obstacles? It’s amazing.

Plastic surgery world is a roller coaster ride of science, art, and human spirit. The stories of transformations which go beyond skin are numerous.

You can’t make plastic surgery work. This is about people writing their own stories using science and possibly a few wizards.

Bruno Mars is the perfect song to play when you think about how amazing you already are.

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