Paint Beauty to Live a Life of Art

Daniel Cristian Chiriac paints in oil on canvas. Realism and surrealism is his favorite style. Chiriac returned to the paintings of the Old Masters after a long period (pre 2006) of abstractionism. His interest in techniques from the Old Masters grew, and he abandoned his original abstract art to pursue surrealism. He dedicates the majority of his time to his daughter and wife as well as creating art. In this interview, he tells us about the life of an artist with all its perspicacity. Continue reading?

What story is behind your choice of works “Till time ends” and “The final love of Don Juan?

I love these two pieces of artwork, but not for the reason that the paintings tell a story.

Daniela’s sweetheart, “Until the End of Time”, is painted as a love letter. She was the model that I painted.

This image represents time passing. All that is important in the end will be the love you have for each other.

In this painting, I am also making my first serious attempt to use the golden proportion. It’s the most calculi I ever did for a single composition. Is it possible to argue that math is not the same as love?! Daniela’s a mathematician.

In terms of the second work, it took me a few years to decide on this theme. It was a title I heard on the streets. I saw it on the street. As the play is obscure and I never saw it, there’s nothing that connects my composition to it other than its title. My story was based on the title.

– What would happen if Don Juan had not gone to hell following his last love?

It was with an optimism, almost pre-raphaelistic. Not in a negative, post-modern view. If he had known it would be the last, then ponder what he’d have thought. But I digress… Now let’s return to the original story…

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