Moldavites beads

These are most likely items you have seen before. Necklaces, bracelets and necklaces made of Moldavite beads. How do you prove their authenticity – check this out?

It is more difficult to polish round Moldavite beads than it is to make a typical shaped cut. Moldavite’s unique characteristics are the reason for this difficulty. Moldavite’s irregular surface and its internal structure (mainly bubbles) make polishing more difficult. A lot of the material must be removed before a perfect round bead shape is achieved with no bubbles. A Moldavite three times the size of a 10mm stone might be required to polish it. Unfortunately, a worse ratio is not uncommon.


Moldavite beads are expensive because of their rarity and the work involved. The price of smaller beads is between 15 and 20 USD per bead. Larger beads start at $60 per per bead (fall 2019 prices for Moldavites keep on rising).

Moldavite beads authenticity

Are you concerned about the authenticity and quality of the beads that you purchase? It is a valid concern. Most faceted Moldavites are counterfeits. Even worse is the situation for Moldavite beads.

The process for establishing authenticity is the same as when examining other cut gems. This guide explains how to distinguish between authentic and fake Moldavites. This infographic on How you can tell if a faceted Moldavite really is provides a basic overview.

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