Moldavite – The Powerful Energy of Moldavite

Moldavite has been described as a bridge between earthly and spiritual realms. Moldavite supports spiritual awakening and ascension by focusing on the upper chakras. This stone’s healing energy will immediately impact your energy field. The stone removes fear, blockages and blocks from your heart, third eye, crown chakra and crown chakra. This healing process can be powerful and transformative. It is why it is important to be prepared before you purchase your first Moldavite. It is possible to begin wearing the piece slowly. You should also allow yourself to have a break from healing work. Read here?

Moldavite, a beautiful crystal that can be used for deep healing of a problem you have struggled with over the years, is great to use. It inspires inner strength and encourages you to not give up on your dreams. Its fiery energies will inspire you to persevere through the transformations your soul desires and lead you to where you were meant to be.

Jewellery offers a way to integrate this powerful stone into one’s life, for healing and transformation. The deep, mystical colors of this stone pair well with silvery and white tones. Moldavite bracelets and pendants can be used to help you let go of fear and allow moldavite jewelry to help you love again. Moldavite earrings are also able to allow transformation, connection and awakening through the third and fourth eye chakras.

Use moldavite along with rose, cinnamon and frankincense oils for mental peace and stability in your self care routines and healing rituals.

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