IT Managed Services (IT Managed Services), vs IT Consulting Services(IT Consulting Services)- Understand the Difference

IT is an integral part of business today. IT has become a popular tool for many businesses across a wide range of industries to increase their efficiency and productivity. Many IT service companies offer services that meet different business needs. IT Managed Services Versus IT Consulting Services. Know the Difference. There are IT Consulting services, IT Managed Services as well as IT Managed Services. Take a closer look at IT Managed Services (IT Consultancy Services) and IT Managed Services in order to understand their differences extra resources.

What do IT Managed Services Mean?

IT Managed Services are proactive services that include outsourcing some or all IT infrastructure maintenance, support, and management by a provider. Information Technology companies, also known as MSPs or Managed Service Providers with their teams of professionals, provide managed services. According to this business model, an outsourced service provider (client) retains all ownership over their IT infrastructure. MSPs’ responsibility ends at the moment they provide the managed service. The two parties in this model have agreed to a written contract which defines the criteria and metrics.

The IT sector is a large industry, and many of the larger companies employ an experienced team to maintain their IT infrastructure. Startups, however, can’t afford that. The result is that these companies aren’t able to remain abreast of technological advancements or threats. Non-IT personnel are forced to conduct research for the management of IT infrastructure. They take time away from business and are disruptive.

Common Examples

Systems Management
Backup and recovery of data
Store and Manage Data
Management and monitoring of network security
Human Resource Management
Production Maintenance and Support Software

IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services refers to businesses seeking the advice of IT experts across different IT fields in order to better understand how IT can be used for their goals and purposes. A client is provided with an advisory service by a specialist. In the industry of IT consultancy, there are three main types: companies that provide IT services, consultants and consulting firms.

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