How To Detail Your Car’s Exterior

There is no set procedure for caring for your vehicle continue reading. Most people assume that there is some sort of agreement on the cost of a service that may run several hundred. Most people assume that they understand what car detailing is. You should be careful about asking someone to do your car’s detailing. There isn’t a common definition. Assure that the company is going to do what you request and will deliver. We recommend asking specific questions to get a clear understanding of the company’s intentions.

There are several steps that are common to car detailing projects. A car detailing job usually involves thorough washing, cleaning and polishing the vehicle’s exterior. It is also important to clean the interior thoroughly. However, this article will not cover those interior detailing techniques. Some companies will start on the exterior and some others on the inside. Most professional detailers will focus on the interior. Because any chemicals that were used in the interior end-up on the outside of your car, they will be removed.

Starting with the exterior, we will begin detailing. We need to clean the car of all dirt and debris. This car detailing step removes any contamination. Special soaps are made specifically for car’s paint. These soaps won’t strip the wax. Dishwashing soap can be used to clean the car. A Clay Bar is then used with a liquid lubricant. This could be spray wax, window cleaner, water or even water. This step will remove road grime as well as tar, bugs and light rust. Clay helps to eliminate contamination embedded in paint. The first two steps eliminate contaminants which may have been present on or near the surface. Two of these steps should be part of a professional detailing job. If someone claims they don’t perform the claying step, this is not professional work.

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