How To Deal With A Plumbing Problem In The Property You Manage

Be clear, apart from a house fire, a san diego plumber online issue in a building you manage may be the most costly and damaging event that you’ll have to face. The problem must be resolved immediately and precisely, just like a fire. Otherwise you may face a major catastrophe. Why is there such a fuss about a simple plumbing issue? Let’s define a plumbing problem. If you manage an apartment block with apartments directly below each other, this is perfectly normal. The shared plumbing drainage system allows for cost savings. Although a leaking faucet or toilet clog is classified as a problem with plumbing, they are not considered to be dangerous. If it is 2 am, you can delay the repair until the next morning, except for a tenant who is angry because their toilet has clogged.

The urgency of a broken water supply, even just a 1/2″ cold supply line under the sink, is as great as that of a four alarm fire. Renters will be unable to contain the water if the pipe breaks. It is like trying with a teaspoon to drain water out of a sinking vessel. The water will always choose the easiest path to travel. Even if a floor seems solid, it may have seams or cracks. Concrete is porous, and water can seep through. It is at this point that the top floor of an apartment is damaged.

It’s only the start of your problems. Due to the weight of the water and the weakening wallboard, the ceiling will collapse. This will cause the water to erupt and flood into the apartment below. This scenario will be repeated all the through the basement, causing destruction to everything in its path. It is possible that the affected apartments may have to be evacuated. We can try to minimize the damage or, at the very least, avoid it now that you have my attention. Everyone involved in the upkeep of the apartment complex needs to know the exact location of each building’s emergency shut off valve. Normaly there is a valve to shut off the water in each unit, and also a master shutoff valve that controls the entire building. This area must always be accessible and well lit. If the door to the valve is locked, it won’t help your maintenance man if he reaches the building in minutes but cannot gain access.

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