How to create a pet friendly home using spotless carpets

Pet ownership is a joyous experience. There are the endless fur and carpet stains, as well as the playful and affectionate cuddles. Although your furball will make every mess worth it, cleaning the carpets in a house with many pets is a difficult task. Wait! Even if your furball is worth every little mess, maintaining a clean carpet in a pet-filled home can feel like completing ‘Herculean task – visit us. You’ll be surprised at the tricks that I have up my sleeves to maintain your home’s carpeting.

1. Mats & Rugs – The Ultimate Power Mats & Rugs

Mats and rugs placed strategically near high traffic areas will be the best friends of your carpet. These mats not only look great, they are also the first defense against messy paws or unexpected spills.

2. Use Regular Brushing to Remove Fur

How can you reduce the amount of fur on your carpet using this method? Brush your pet often! Your vacuum will appreciate it!

3. Stain-Resistant carpets are a worthy investment

Look for carpets that are stain resistant when you replace old or purchase new ones. The carpets have been designed to be stain-resistant and easier to clean.

4. Cleaning Magic DIY

For fresh pet accidents, blot (don’t rub!) The area should be blotted (don’t scrub!) with paper towel. After a few moments, spray a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar onto the stain. Then, gently blot it.

5. Groom them right!

You can keep your pet healthy by regularly trimming their nails. This will also help to reduce wear and tear of your carpets.

6. A Vacuuming Vow

Making vacuuming part of your daily routine is a good idea. According to the number and shedding pattern of your pets, you may have to vacuum at least once a day. Keep in mind that consistency is important!

7. Train for every minute.

Spending some time training your pet will pay dividends in the end. You can reward good behavior by teaching them to use the bathroom in a certain place. A consistent training program can result in fewer home accidents, and happier family members.

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