How to Choose the Best Size Mini-Storage Unit

The size of a unit is incredibly important when choosing a mini-storage. By choosing the correct size, you will have ample space for your belongings and not waste any valuable resources. This guide helps you decide the best size unit to suit your needs – get more info.

Assess your Storage needs. Start by taking inventory of all the things you intend to store in a mini storage unit. Sort the items by their sizes, e.g., boxes of small size, furniture, appliances or vehicles. This will help you to get a sense of how much space you have available.

You can measure and calculate the size of your mini storage unit after you’ve tallied up all the items. You will need to take note of the items’ length, width and height. This information can help you select the correct size storage unit.

Plan for Future Storage. Be prepared to anticipate any future storage requirements. If you are planning to buy more stuff or continue your decluttering project, then you should consider a slightly larger mini storage unit. You can choose a mini storage that is slightly bigger to allow for future expansions, without needing to upgrade your unit or pay additional rent.

You can use online calculators and size estimators. Many mini storage companies have them on their sites. The tools let you input your number of items and the type, as well as a rough estimate for the size unit you need. You can use these resources to help narrow down the options.

Ask for expert advice: Speak with staff members or managers at the facility. These professionals have expertise in helping customers to meet their storage needs. They can give you valuable advice based upon your inventory. You can benefit from their expertise to make better decisions.

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