How to Choose the Best Painting Video Course?

Paint has never been as easy to understand or afford. You can now take video lessons from some of world’s top teachers. The top-notch teachers were usually too expensive or far for many students. There is no doubt that video-painting classes have revolutionized art. Nine tips will guide you in choosing the correct courses, check my reference.

1. The availability of a video for a course in painting is expected. There is no point in having a handful of videos meant to compliment a book. Instead, there should be ONE COMPLETE VIDEO. This intensely visual activity is best learned by watching an expert do it.

2. Video Production – The video should have plenty of close ups. It also needs to be well planned so there is no confusion.

3. Beginner-to-Advanced Lessons was designed to help the absolute beginner set up his/her studio. He will be provided with all the necessary equipment and basic supplies. Many courses can be too difficult for newbies. The DVD should allow advanced artists to select the lessons they would like to see.

4. An accomplished instructor will have a great deal of experience and be highly-educated. It is important that they have a gift for teaching. A few talented artists can’t tell the difference between learning from a new student or a seasoned one. The artist can be discouraged and confuse, or even stop their work.

5. This course should teach students about perspective, how to make things look three-dimensional (or flat), why colors appear the way they do, and tone. The course should focus on the basic principles of painting. This includes perspective, colour theory, tonality, and more.

6. Your instructor should help you complete the exercises as well as paintings. By watching your instructor with hands placed on your lap, you may get a false idea of the lesson. If you want to learn to swim properly, nothing is better than diving right in with a qualified instructor.

7. It is possible to pause and resume video lessons at any time during the lesson. It is important that you give your instructor plenty of chances to stop, practice and use the restroom.

8. Playfully engage with the teacher and have a good time. You may lose interest and become bored if you don’t. Enjoyment is crucial because it leads to a more relaxed and open mindset, which allows for creativity.

9. Prices are between $150 and 250 USD. Between $20 and $50 US, only certain topics are taught.

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