How does dating etiquette look today?

I like dating. It is a wonderful time, find out more? You meet someone that you feel attracted by and decide to go on a date to see where the relationship will lead. In reality, I had a meeting with my mate at the grocery shop. I was asked to enter my name on the list of customers lined up. His charming smile made me want to call him immediately the next day. I was asked to join him for a dinner. I was happy to go. I spent just over an hour preparing for my date…hair and makeup. My makeup looked very natural. I wore a red dress that was cut to below the knees. The dress had a sophisticated look. Just a little spray of fragrance and I was all set to go for the day! The feeling of nervousness soon disappeared.

My date was right in time. I had a wonderful experience. It showed he was mindful of my time. He smiled brightly while he waited outside of the car. He made me blush, and I smiled at him. Just outside of his car, we hugged. My date’s scent was amazing. without too much perfume, just enough. The man asked me if it was time to leave, and I answered, “Of course.” My companion opened the door to me, then he attentively waiting until I was inside and closed the door. After I was settled in my seat at the driver’s side, I glanced at him and he had a bouquet of flowers… They were beautiful pink carnations. The smell of the flowers was wonderful. The gentleman thanked me and I kissed him. My date set the mood for a fantastic night to come!

We’re off for dinner. The two of us had agreed to an uncomplicated steak dinner…I am a huge steak fan (he was reminded of this from one of our earlier conversation). As we entered the restaurant. Once we were at the restaurant, my friend was waiting for me at the door. Once I stepped out of the car, he held my hand. It was now time to start enjoying myself immensely after my evening with him. He appeared genuine, and I liked the fact that he knew how to be respectful to me. Conversation was lively, with both sides asking questions each other. They also related stories. I enjoyed the fact that his confidence was evident and he was always smiling at me and was extremely interested in me.

He suggested we stop by this place that plays amazing music since there was nothing more to do. I agreed. I enjoyed his company and I appreciated his personal style. The room was intimate and warm, the music wasn’t too loud giving us a chance to have a conversation. I was having a wonderful experience with him.

There was good chemistry between us, and I was hoping that he also felt exactly the same. We stayed around for an hour had a few drinks after which we headed for home. I would have liked to stay for longer but it was getting late and I was feeling really happy from the drinks. In my mind, I was thinking of getting married, my fantasies was keeping me amused. But I decided to be cautious during our first date. I was taken home by him. He opened the vehicle door and helped me out. He took my hand, and gently kissed it. A perfect gentleman! Inside, the night keeps reverberating in my mind. I cannot wait to see him again!! He has left an unforgettable impression for me.

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