Herbal Ally: Mysterious Mushrooms

Summer nights turn into autumn as magical, mysterious, and medicinal mushrooms fill the Catskill mountain forests in upstate New York. Toadstool is an informal name for many mushrooms that emerge between rains. “Fungi” however, is more technically used. Fungi refer to plants that don’t contain roots, plants or any chlorophyll. You can find mushrooms in any stew, because they have psychedelic color and strange shapes. Visit this site soulcybin review.

There are many reasons mushrooms should be a regular part of your diet. Do you think that avoiding cancer is a sufficient reason to eat mushrooms? It’s true. Every edible mushroom, including the ordinary white button mushrooms found in grocery stores, is capable of reverse and prevent cancerous cell changes. Why? We don’t know. Maybe it is because the fungi find, focus, and share trace minerals with us that we require to develop strong, healthy immune system. Perhaps it is because mushrooms are full of polysaccharides. These complex sugars, that can be used to improve health and promote good health in general, seem to have a lot of health benefits. This could be due to mushrooms being rich in protein and B vitamins, with very little calories and zero sodium. You could even mention anti-cancer, pro-tumor and antibacterial compounds that are found in each edible mushroom’s stalks, caps, gills and underground structures (mycelia).

You should cook your mushrooms. The University of Nebraska Medical School researchers discovered that mice who ate unrestricted amounts of raw mushrooms (Agaricus bifidus) had significantly higher rates of malignant tumors in their later years than those who ate a controlled group.

It doesn’t matter if I walk barefoot along vibrant green mosses, or step lightly on fallen pine and hemlock needles that are deeply-scented; whether I climb rocky outcrops with ferny curvings or wander through swamps crawling with mosquitoes. Whether I follow a flowing stream down to the bank or balance on stone walls and breathe in the smell of righteous decay; I always look for my friends in fungi.

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