Get the carpet rug and make your living room cheery with Break!

It is important to maintain your carpet regularly in order to prevent it from becoming dirty and smelling. It will make the people in your vicinity uncomfortable to be around dirty and smelling carpet. Carpet cleaning riverview has many years’ experience to help overcome this extra resources.

A sofa and coffee-table are the most important pieces of furniture in a living room. A sofa can make both guests and homeowners feel more at ease when chatting and sitting. However, some people enjoy sitting on the ground or carpet rugs, because they’re free, and the chatting atmosphere becomes more lively.

If you know how to use a carpet rug to properly arrange your living area, this is not an issue. Confused? This is the answer for you all!

1. A living room with rugs in bohemian styles

When it comes to carpets, you cannot just ignore the bohemian theme. To achieve this look, choose a carpet with unusual colours, like red, green and yellow. You can use two or three different rugs in the same room. To add to the comfort of your room, you can place some small cushions and ottomans.

2. Living room with minimalist carpet

Who says carpet rugs can ruin the look of a modern minimalist living room? The living area becomes more comfortable while still being beautiful. This minimalist modern style is best suited to tapestry rugs of the short-haired variety with tassels at the edges. Select a color that is in harmony with the decor. As an alternative to pillows, use a bag of beans as a lumbar support.

3. Carpets for the living room, sitting and dining

Sitting cross-legged can be very tiring and difficult for older guests. If this is the case, then you may want to consider creating a space in your home with a rug which can be used as a chair and a place for guests. The soft pillow will allow parents to relax and even children can rest comfortably. Don’t neglect to include a table with short legs on which to place snacks and drinks.

4. Fur rugs can be used in place of carpets

It’s never a bad thing to replace your carpet with a fur rug if the style in the room isn’t quite matching the rug. Fur rugs can make your home feel more cozy and comfortable. Both you and your guest will be able to talk for hours. Use a small area rug, which does not cover all of the surface. So, the living space will not appear crowded.

5. Why not break without a rug carpet? Use a thin, light mattress.

Many people do not like to sit on the carpet due to its flat surface. To replace the carpet, use a thin and comfortable mattress. You can choose plain-coloured furniture or bed linen, and then decorate with pillows. I felt so comfortable in this room, you may fall asleep.

6. Living room carpet with simple rug for comfort

For living rooms, carpets do not need to be large or have a luxurious motif. You can, for instance, choose a carpet that is small and plain. Just make sure that the rug size is adjusted to your living area. Most importantly, you want your feet not to feel cold. Include a large, comfortable pillow to help you relax. This room would also work well as a reading area.

Kania shared some ideas. Are you prepared to convert your living area into a stretched-out space using a rug to make it brighter and more comfortable?
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