Get in touch with a Dui Lawyer Get Your Life And Your License Back

Humans make mistakes, they are human, and therefore make mistakes. Humans do make errors. A DUI lawyer can rectify the errors that might have been committed during your arrest for alcohol-related driving. Even though not every conviction or arrests are reversible However, there have been many cases in which drivers were wrongly accused and had their licenses revoked. Here are a few of ways that mistakes are made. What would impact your case had they were? more about the author?

Mistake #1 – The breathalyzer which was utilized in the accident was calibrated incorrectly. It could be surprising. Police officers are not the ones to blame for this, since the breathalyzer machine is one which can fail. This does happen and must be assessed.

Breathalyzer error number 2: The device showed that you had been drinking, when it was actually diabetes. The breathalyzer can give an inaccurate positive reading when you suffer from diabetes.

A third error was that the police didn’t follow procedures during your arrest or interrogation. In America citizens, you are entitled to certain rights. You’re innocent until proven guilt. If your rights are somehow not respected, this may be cause for the dismissal of your case.

Mistake #4 – The lab has made mistakes when testing the blood sample you submitted. Your DUI attorney could suggest the blood sample is sent to an independent laboratory to be examined.

Having a DUI lawyer who is working tirelessly to resolve your case is the best case scenario. Your legal counsel lawyer, your lawyer will try his best to utilize available tools to ensure that your situation is dealt with appropriately. You will be held accountable for anything that you reveal to him with the utmost confidence, so it is imperative that you communicate directly and honestly with him. Neglecting to tell him crucial information regarding your situation will not help you at all. It is his responsibility to aid you and not to judge. This is why it’s crucial to be truthful.

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