Family Camping: Easy Ideas for Meals

If you have ever arrived late at night, when it was cold or raining, and you were hungry and grumpy, you will understand the importance of easy camping meals for your family important source. Sometimes we do not plan to be hungry, but this is what happens. We need to prepare a meal quickly. It’s hard to beat a hot, tasty dinner on a cold and dark night. How do you make this happen?


You can prepare your meals in advance at home. The menu doesn’t need to include every snack and meal for every day. It means you should plan your meals and shop for those that are easy to prepare in a camp-kitchen. Preparation in the home kitchen will make this process even easier. Plan one-pot “emergency’ meals such as soup, chili, or spaghetti that can be made in a jiffy. Make them at home. Package them in 1-2 portion sizes depending on the size your group. Freeze ice cubes you won’t use right away. Store them in your cooler as extra ice.


I told you to prepare as much as possible at home. It is much simpler to cut up your veggies for a Stir Fry at home. Package them in a zip-lock bag, make a sauce ready to go in a small jar and then cook your rice and noodles. Another option is to use dry mixes. Bag the dry ingredients of your famous pancake mix, upside-down cake, or other mix and label it with the additional ingredients needed, like milk, eggs, water. Add your moist ingredients, and mix them right in the plastic bag. The bags can be used as mixing bowls. This means you don’t have to wash any dishes!


The meals you prepare for your family while camping should be enjoyable! Camping is fun! Plan some tin fl ower hobo dinners, and prepare meals on sticks that can be cooked over a fire by everyone. S’mores is a must.

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