FaceLift Surgery

Face Lifting or Face Lifting

The FACELIFT is also called Rhytidectomy.

After a minimally invasive procedure, a complicated and more involved one may follow. Facelifts help remove excess skin. The procedure can tighten and redrape skin around the neck and face, recommended site.

Facial region under consideration

This treatment is used primarily on the lower part of the face such as around the jawline.

It may be necessary to reposition the deeper tissue of your face or even tighten it up in order to give you a younger-looking look.

It may be best to replace or remove the fat if you’re looking to achieve the desired results.

The results of many current methods are considered stable and reliable.

What are the Candidates for a Facelift

Which candidates are most suitable for a facelift?

The best way to reduce facial wrinkles is with a facelift.

Candidates for FACELIFT procedures include:

Consider FACELIFT.

If the appearance of the face is sagging or lacking youthfulness, this can give rise to feelings of ageing.

Loosening of the skin on the jawline or midface.

Nasolabial Folds: These are wrinkles which extend along the side of the nose.

There are lines that run from your corner of mouth down to the chin.

Face fat which has fallen or been exposed.

Jowls are caused by the lower facial muscles losing tone.

A double chin may be due to loose skin or excess fat in the area under the chin and around the jaw.

Skin that is itchy, loose and flaky around the neck.

For a FACELIFT to be considered, the patient must satisfy these criteria:

If you have any of these factors, a facelift is recommended. To undergo surgery you must first meet certain requirements.

There are risks associated with any surgery, cosmetic or otherwise. You should only undergo a FACELIFT if your doctor has prescribed it, or if your physician believes that this will help improve your life.

Candidates for FACELIFT SURGICAL SURGERY should be in good health, and realistic about their expectations. Also, they must understand the risks.

Only consider cosmetic surgery if you do not suffer from serious conditions such as hemophilia or other bleeding disorders, high blood pressure and depression.

You should not use the FACELIFT if you drink or smoke excessively.

Positivity is the key to a happy life.

You should have realistic expectations regarding the outcomes of your surgical procedure.

Plan to miss a number of weeks worth of activities.

Benefits Of Facelifts

Facelifts can correct marionette and double-chin wrinkles. The “gold standard” for facial rejuvenation is maintained. Many people have a successful facelift each year.

The FACELIFT has a lot of benefits.

Multiple facial areas can be treated simultaneously with this surgery.

They can even last longer. The results can make you look up to 15 years younger.

Other methods for contouring face and neck are not comparable to this method.

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