Eyelid Surgery: What are the facts? What are the 5 facts that you should know about eyelid surgery?

Eyes are usually the first thing people notice about someone when they meet. The saggy skin on the eyelids as well as wrinkles make you appear older, tired and stressed. However, tightening these wrinkles will help you look years younger, check our website.

One of Australia’s most common cosmetic procedures is Blepharoplasty. It can also be called eyelift surgery or an eyelid lift. You can have it done to either your upper, lower or both of your eyelids.

1. What are some of the different types of blehpharoplastys?

A patient has a number of choices when it comes to eyelid surgeries. Consult your doctor to find out what options you can choose from. You can have the surgery done on either your upper or lower lids. Optional procedures include:

It is also known as transconjunctival-blepharoplasty, which involves a procedure on the inside of lower lid.
* Upper eyelid Laser surgery. It uses lasers to seal blood vessels on contact, which reduces swelling and bleeding.
Double Eyelid Surgery, also called Asian Eyelid Surgery or Double Eyelid Surgery

2. What are some of the benefits?

The procedure will give your face a newer, more youthful appearance. It can also improve its symmetry. Some patients’ vision can be improved by this procedure if sagging tissues are affecting it.

You should consider many aspects when you decide to undergo this surgery. You can get a quotation from different cosmetic surgery providers regarding the cost of the procedure. The breakdown of unit costs will allow you to better see where money goes. Because this procedure is considered a “cosmetic surgery”, insurance companies usually do not pay for it. You should weigh up the benefits and risks of this procedure before you decide to have it.

3. Learn about the different procedures

Patients can choose between a few types of eyelid procedures. Upper eyelid surgery is performed by creating an external around the upper creases and eyelashes. To begin, the surgeon will mark out the lines and the creases in the eyelids. It is important to minimize the amount of scarring. The surgeon will then make the incision to remove all the fat, muscles and loose skin.

The incision will be closed with fine sutures. Because they will lie in the folds of your eyelid, the scars will appear less noticeable. It is possible to make an incision from inside the lower lower eyelid. (Transconjunctival Bl├ępharoplasty). This allows you to get rid of bags underneath the eyes that are caused by the fat of your lower eyelid.

The inner eyelid will be held in place by a suture after the incision. Forceps are used to hold the excess fat and clamp it with an hemostat. The surgical scissors are used to remove the excess fat.

4. How long will it take someone to recover?

The healing process may take from a week to two. During the first two days, patients should use a special lotion to lubricate the incisions. In order to minimize swelling or bruises, doctors suggest that patients use eye pads or ice packs. You may also receive eye drops to help manage pain or prevent infection. After surgery on the third day, you may advise patients to put lukewarm pad over their eyes for comfort. You should wear dark lenses for a minimum of a week.

Stitches will usually be removed two days after surgery. The eyes will be discolored and swollen for at least a week. When the stitches come out, you will feel a little tightness in your eyes or dry-eyed. It can be relieved by closing the eyes or staring at the ceiling.

In the period of recovery, the patient is asked not to lift or perform strenuous exercises or activities which will increase blood pressure. The contact lens-wearing population is asked to wait until stitches are fully healed before wearing their lenses.

5. Are you a Good Candidate?

Candidates for most procedures are smokers who have good health, and are realistic about their expectations. This surgery is most commonly performed to reduce the appearance of bags and wrinkles under the eyes. Many patients request the surgery in order to remove hooded or sagging eyelids.

These eyelids appear to be very thin with a lot of elasticity. It is the part of the face that shows signs of early aging. Eyelid surgery is a personal decision. It is possible to have this procedure done early if your health overall is good and you’re ready. This surgery is done for many different reasons.

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