DIY Carpet Drying or Hire a Pro?

Have you ever been faced with a great deluge, either from a spilled coffee or a mischievous cat? You may have experienced the same thing. Your first thought (after the initial horror) was how to dry out wet carpets useful site. With DIY videos and brochures touting professional services, the debate continues. Should you DIY it or should you hire professionals? Let’s get started!

Imagine yourself in this scenario: You are feeling lazy on Sunday morning, wearing your jammies. Then, you stumble across an instructional video for DIY carpet drying. It’s mesmerizing! You are now on a quest, armed with newfound information, a couple fans, and some determination. DIY projects can be very rewarding, as well as cost-effective. It’s rewarding to control the process. You use the tools that you have, and it gives you the satisfaction of saying, “I did that!” Wait, before you rush to make a decision, think about a few points.

DIY might be fun but not the best option in every case of wet or soiled carpet. The carpet type, the amount and depth of the water, and the size affected by the spill all play a factor. Even minor spills may be handled by DIY methods. In the case of more intense moisture, however, the carpet might not be fully dry. In previous posts we discussed how a damp rug is a prime spot for mold.

Consider hiring professional carpet drying services. Professional carpet drying services are equipped to handle a wide range of carpet types, messes, and heavy equipment. Even though it might appear more expensive up front, it’s an investment. A professional will ensure your carpets is free from mold, dry and completely clean. They may also offer to treat future spills and stains.

There are some situations where the choice is not clear. Here’s an easy cheat sheet:

DIY Route – Minor spills on small surfaces, and if the tools are available, like fans or a moist vacuum, you can do it yourself.
Professional services: larger areas, deeply seated moisture, valuable carpets and antiques, or water sources that are potentially contaminated.
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