Dirty Carpets And Health And Home

When maintained properly, carpeting improves the air quality in your home. This is because carpets can be much more that just pretty flooring. The carpet in your house is the most effective air filter against contaminants, such as allergens, continue.

Dr. Michael Berry, Ph. Michael B. Berry holds a PhD and is the former Director of EPA Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office. Berry says in Protecting the Built Environment, “Carpet Cleaning for Health”, that the main problem of indoor cleaning is dirt carpets. The problem can be solved by maintaining and caring for the carpet. According to him, the carpet acts like a drain that collects dirt from within and without. As the carpet gets fuller (the sink polluted), it stores dirt, dust, and other contaminants. When the sink is full, it’s important to remove all of its contents. Carpet cleaning is necessary.

True, indoor air is more polluted. Well, it’s true. It’s true. It is rare that the air in a room will be replaced. Instead, the outdoor air is removed and then replaced with fresher air. Pollutants trapped in your carpet will then be released back into indoor air. Stepping on carpets can make them a depository for these pollutants. The dust is then spread around your house when you walk over it. You can see dust in sunlight or a flowing stream. You breathe in the air over and over again, which is the cause of indoor air pollution.

Berry states that if carpets aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, they can produce biopollutants. It is important to regularly clean sinks as well as the carpets. It is because carpets look dirty that they are cleaned. Your carpet will be dirty by the time dirt is visible. The benefits of vacuuming are numerous. Even the best vacuums collect only 15% of soil. All the rest, such as bacteria, pollutants, and allergens, will be collected. Berry states that many people are not cleaning their carpets to keep the air clean.

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