Clarifying Remote Backup Services Providers’ Value Proposition

Online backup is finally becoming popular with both consumers and business clients visit us. Online data back-up is finally gaining popularity, thanks to the prevalence of internet and broadband connectivity.

As a result, consumers face many challenges. It is helpful to look back at the history of data backup, management and the technologies that shaped the market. This will help you understand the current trends. Data-Mart wholesale companies, in order to maximize the use of their idle server farm, have started advertising remote back-up services at extremely low prices. They are hoping to capitalise on the popularity of the service. Data Storage and Online Data Repository businesses are everywhere. Their products are so diverse that even industry veterans can be confused. Data backup is often used as a loss leader by companies in the advertising business to attract customers and advertisers.

Today’s computer data is more valuable than it has ever been, but most online remote backup companies are convinced that business owners want a backup option with the lowest common denominator. The marketing budgets are flying and companies are cutting corners. In an analogy of a forest and its trees, the price wars blind the corporate America to what they really want – service. Here is a look at the current and historical state of commercial computer data back-up and storage, as well as the service levels that different types of businesses provide.

A brief history of remote data backup and offsite data storage. The first Online Backup software was not available in the mid-80s. The few people who offered the service mixed and matched shareware with communications programs, as well as other utilities, which were not intended for remote data back-up. The fact is that there was no standard protocol for electronic communications and graphic user interfaces. The microcomputer market was undergoing rapid change, and modems remained stuck at 1200 – 2400 baud. This made large data transfers painfully slow (1.2 mb = 72 min !!).). As technologies advanced, so too did the prospects and possibilities for the industry of online data backup.

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