Chinese Painting Techniques

Four Gentlemen’s Paint

These four gentlemen are referring the orchids chrysanthemums bamboos and plum flowers visit this link. They represent a gentleman with integrity.

Water-Fishes paintings

Artists painted this picture to show their love for the ideal of life.

Lotus Coloring Pictures

Lotus is a sign of someone who has succeeded above others. History and styles of lotus art will be given preference. Zhang Daqian has created a number of new techniques in depicting lotus.

Landscape Painting

Ancient landscape painters used a variety of techniques to paint their landscapes. The ancient painters used sketches, modeling and travel to convey emotion and to keep the water flowing.

Chinese traditional painting is an art form unique to China. It uses brushes and ink sticks to create both imagined and real objects. There are several categories: New-Year, scroll, wall, and engraving paintings.

Chinese painting has no strict categories and is not a science. The tools and materials that are used to create the ink wash and color-ink painting can also be classified, along with oil, watercolours engravings and gouache.

Chinese painting can also be categorized according to its usage, into four main categories: murals (New-Year Images), serial pictures and illustrations. Chinese paintings are divided into landscape and figure painting based upon their themes. It’s a unique form of art in the entire world. It has its own technique and style.

The traditional Chinese painting style is characterized as a vibrant, rhythmic art that emphasizes the beauty and spirit of the subject. This is a key trend in Chinese traditional painting. It’s also a fundamental value of Chinese culture. This is an important part of Oriental arts and an idea pursued by Chinese artists.

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