Carpet Cleaning Tips

Your carpet may be costly, with intricate designs to enhance the beauty and value of your home. Your carpet must be in perfect condition every day. But is this possible. If you don’t live there, it is unlikely. The increasing amount of pollutants make it nearly impossible for carpet to be kept clean. Most likely, dust and dirt build up over time – check this out.

Unhygienic carpets are made from small microorganisms (fungi, bacteria) that can get into the carpet. These microorganisms cause bad odors and make it unhygienic. Proper cleaning is essential to protect the carpet from further damage.

While cleaning carpet is not an easy task, you should ensure you select the best and most efficient way to clean it. This will help to maintain the carpet’s longevity and fibers. A fiber test or chemical test is required to determine the best method of cleaning your carpet.

There are many different cleaning methods you can use to clean your carpet.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a carpet cleaning technique that quickly dries the carpet. The process is easy and involves spreading a dry powder containing dust affinity over the carpet. It’s then left to dry for a very short time. The powder and dust can then be removed by vacuuming the carpet. This method is great if you have only dust on your carpet and no other harmful or toxic organisms. This cleaning method will not kill any bugs or germs on your carpet, so it is not recommended for households with pets.

Steam Cleaning

A second option is steam cleaning. It is affordable, suitable and extremely popular for residential usage. The steam cleaning machine is used. It involves using hot water combined with detergents to wash the carpet. After the process is complete, the same machine extracts the dirt and water from the carpet. The carpet is not made dust-free by this process. Sometimes, dust from improper washing can still remain in the carpet’s fibers and cause an unpleasant odor.


Shampooing is another clean-up you can do on your own. Shampooing involves the application special detergent to your carpet. The carpet cleaning equipment is used to move the dirt and other debris out of the carpet. Carpet is then cleaned with a vacuum. To make it smell fresher, and to brighten the carpet’s appearance, deodorizers can be applied. It’s an easy process but not a great way to clean your carpet.

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