Cammeray’s Magic Touch: Restoring old carpets

Do you remember stepping on an old, worn out carpet and thinking “This dear friend has had better days?” Cammeray never gives up on its old friends. Instead, we tackle carpet revival. We combine art with science to bring old carpets back to life. More bonuses?

To begin with, deep cleaning carpets is like taking a trip back to an earlier time. In order to respect their wisdom, we vacuum gently and thoroughly. You want to rejuvenate each fibre, not only remove the dust.

You can make a difference with spot therapy. You know those old, persistent stains in your carpet which are like a DNA of it? Our opinion is that they are difficult. Cleansing a floor with eco friendly cleaner, a gently bristled brush, and some elbow grease can feel like surgery. It’s a great feeling to lift an old blemish. Priceless.

Following steam cleaning comes next. This carpet has a relaxing spa experience. Steam cleaning deepens carpets’ fibers. This is done by removing decades of grime, and revitalizing them. The best thing? What’s best?

The story continues. No, sir, details matter. Did we use ragged edge and threads? Sewing precision is how we deal with them. You can restore carpets’ youthfulness by giving them a little cosmetic surgery.

Fluff is the topic of discussion. As carpets age, they lose bounce. Fluffing and raking your carpet will give it new life.

Aged carpets often need some color. As if the carpets had vanished and become a shadow, they appear to be gone. Just like a masterful painting, dyeing can be used to restore the shine.

Why would you go to all that trouble? It’s simple. Cammeray Carpets are not just flooring. They preserve and share history. They are cherished for their threads, stains and memories. While beautifying and preserving our past, we restore them.

If you ever consider tossing out your old carpet, keep in mind that cleaning it with Cammeray magic can reveal hidden gems. This is more than just cleaning. Cammeray style, my pals.

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