Business for Pressure Washing and Post Fire Cleanups

Many have never experienced a fire in their own homes find out. I lost my house in a wildfire one year ago. It moved quickly and the sky was so dark, with cinders everywhere. The fire did not reach our neighborhood, but a few homes were damaged. While firefighters did a good job on that day, other residents further down the fire path and lower in canyons were not as fortunate. A few people even lost the battle. From that moment onwards, I take fire safety seriously.

My company has the ability to clean undercarriages of fire engines in weed-free areas. Also, we can clean and maintain aircraft which spray fire retardants. This is how hard it can be to fight fires. We are aware of who will do the firefighting for this fire season as well as the amount of money that will be spent. Air force Auxillary with C-117 and C-130; Air National Guard Stations equipped with C-141. Forestry Service can fly up to 450 planes. Tanker planes use C-5 Galaxy to drop slurry chemicals on flames. Helicopters used to transport chemicals can be used to evacuate personnel at risk. Small spotter aircraft drop chemical slurry. To protect pilots and prevent corrosion of aluminum, it is important to clean off the chemicals.

A task force of interagency workers was established by mutual aid programs. Local City, County and Seasonal Labor, Prison Labor, Casual firefighters, volunteers, National Guardsmen, Army, The ash and debris that follows a fire can be found all over the vehicles, ground and buildings. A fire can cause a lot of work for pressure washers. You should prepare your equipment for the cleanup. Our company has been available post-fire to provide services at schools, parks, churches, and other locations. We also have the ability to pay for services such as pressure washing of any kind, anytime, anywhere, and to anyone who calls.

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