At Renew Wellness, we understand the importance of positive support systems in women’s recovery.

Renew Wellness provides comprehensive and compassionate women’s addiction treatment in Utah. Their approach revolves around the idea that recovery doesn’t happen in isolation. It thrives when women are surrounded by positive supports. These support systems are essential for women to heal and maintain sobriety. Join us.

Power of Connection

Women who join Renew may feel lonely and disconnected. Renew’s positive support system helps to create a feeling of belonging and community.

Renew Wellness is a place where women can find a group of supportive peers that understands the struggles they are facing. Women can feel less isolated in their recovery by sharing experiences, challenges, and victories with other women on the same journey.

Families and healing

Recovery is not an individual endeavor. It affects not just the person but their family members as well. Families are an important part of the healing process. By encouraging open communication between family members through family therapy, and other supportive methods, Renew promotes openness and honesty.

Renew Wellness heals relationships that have been strained due to addiction by addressing the family dynamics, providing education and resources. Strong, positive family support can be a major factor in a woman’s recovery.

Professional guidance and encouragement

Renew Wellness provides professional advice and encouragement in addition to family and peer support. Renew Wellness’ team of medical, therapist and counselor professionals are dedicated to guiding women through the recovery process.

Women receive individualized support through individual therapy to meet their specific needs. The therapists collaborate with the client to establish realistic goals, and to provide direction on the road to recovery.

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