A Beach Vacation – Tips For Meals

My family is my greatest love and I treasure the time they spend with me. My family and my brother started to get together for a week at the North Carolina beach a few years back. We rent a condo and enjoy each other’s company. It’s been a wonderful experience! It is me who enjoys cooking and eating, so this is where I tend my efforts. I’ve learned that planning ahead is key to allowing me to spend quality time with my family, not just on the food. Get more info!

These are some of the tips I’ve learned that made our trip easier and more organized. It is easy to have everything you need to bring to the beach.

Let’s not forget about the food.

I first make a list with the group of menus they would enjoy for the night we are cooking together, not at a restaurant. Don’t forget to include dessert and appetizers, as the sun can take so much from you. You can have breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Let’s start with breakfast.

I always bring a few muffin, coffee cake, or breakfast casserole recipes with me. Think about bagels, juices, and cereals. It all depends on what the group prefers. Don’t forget to have coffee!

For the little ones, lunches consist of sub sandwiches, tacos and pasta salad. Although most lunch ingredients can be purchased on the beach, we can prepare the beef for tacos or pasta salad in advance. You can freeze the beef.

Let’s move on to the dinners. Here we are talking about appetizers and main courses, as well as sides and desserts. Half of our nights are spent at restaurants, so we’ll be eating out less often. We will spend 3-4 hours cooking dinner in the condo.

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